Sunday, July 25, 2004

I have been musing on exactly what aromatherapy has become today (i.e. a largely massage based therapy) and what it used to be. I am especially reminded of this  because of the way that the lawmakers in the EC are discounting the properties of essential oils in various area e.g. as biocides.

Are we forgetting the pioneers who used it first as an extension of    phytotherapy or should we accept the idea that aromatherapy is smelling   fragrances (since  it is generally accepted by most anglo-saxon aroma-organisations that   aromatherapy is also the use of solvent extracted essential oils) and   using them in massage oils? A radical change of the first definition?  Remember that France does not accept solvent extracted essential oils as   essential oils, but as fragrances only, to be used in perfumery.

Friday, January 16, 2004

I have not had any problems with hemorrhoids as of recent. This is great news. It seems that the Forces of Nature hemohrrhoids remedy was effective ;)

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Hemorrhoids are one of the most aggravating conditions yet one of the most mis-treated. This is because hemorrhoids treatment usually is done via surgery. I could not imagine a more painful way to get rid of my hemorrhoids. Just insane.

A hemorrhoids remedy that is all natural certainly would be my first pick. Unfortunately, today the words all natural no longer have much meaning. This is because it is an unregulated industry in the states. European countries have stricter regulations and help to weed out any of the charlatans. Perhaps that means it is best to purchase a hemorrhoids remedy from outside America!

Who knows. But if you are suffering from hemorrhoids and seek a hemorrhoids treatment it is often best to make sure the product is approved for over the counter sales with medical endorsements. Hemorrhoids are painful enough and no need to go through unnecessary suffering.

Sunday, December 28, 2003

Support groups on google can be a good resource to start interacting with people who have also been afflicted with hemorrhoids.

These groups offer a wide variety of support and interaction. One just needs to search the net to find a wide and varied array of support. In time you can find a support group you are comfortable interacting with. Fortunately with the net anonymity is provided.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Overcoming hemorrhoids can become a reality by simply following proper dietary habits and maintaining a proper state of mind. So what does this mean?

Well simply we know that stress adds a great deal of pressure to the system. This can cause strain to the bowels which create hemorrhoids. Also eating foods that cause constipation will add to the likelyhood of hemorrhoids. Processed foods are hard to digest and cause strain on the bowels. This in turn aggravates existing hemorrhoids and create an environment which is a cause for hemorrhoids.

Amazing how so many people fist wait to experience a hemorrhoid before seeking a hemorrhoids treatment. Prevention of hemorrhoids or other health related issues is more important. By living a stress free life and eating properly, there is a good chance you will never experience a hemmorrhoid.

If you do have a hemorrhoid you should look at your lifestyle. In almost every case the lifestyle is one which is not in balance. Diet is usually not good and or the mental state is in question.

The outside symptoms or those which have manifested from an internal disorder. This can be said for most skin disorders. Healthy living is getting back to the basics. Very simple and very effective.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

When treating hemorrhoids, in Chiropractic clinics many now use acupressure along with a great deal of Chinese
philosophy. There is also a fair amount of energy work conducted.
(Cranial Sacral, Reike, Nimmo) Health practitioners have found that essential
oils enhance one's ability to draw and realign energy.
Not only does the work go faster but
also allows one to get more done in the same amount of time.

The oils are often used on the acupucture points then
energy work is conducted with the hands either on the points or the
meridians. I have heard that it is very effective to
put the oil on first then use needles. I know for a
fact that it is incredible to use it with
just the acupressure especially when treating hemorrhoids.

Many acupuncturists are using
the lazer pointer or other lazer equipment on the
accupuncture points. I told in an earlier post that we
will put the oil on a point then beam it for 10
seconds with a lazer pointer. That really
changes energy levels and causes a deep and quick

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Hemorrhoids are really treatable. The wonderment of modern medicine is yet find an effective hemorrhoid treatment that does not burn or cause tissue damage.

As usual, herbal medicine to the rescue. Nature provides all the solutions to treating whatever health affliction one may be suffering from. Some say the closer you get to nature, the sooner you will experience healing. The farther you stray from nature the sicker you will be.

This applies to any health condition, hemorrhoids inclusive. I have found all natural essential oils to be particularly effective to eliminate hemorrhoids safely and effectively.

However, you must be sure the product is organic and from a legitimate organization. Legitimate meaning approved for over the counter sales. Legitimate meaning found in health food stores. This is very important. Doctor recommended does not hurt either!!

An effective hemorrhoids treatment does exist in natural means. One should not be afraid to go to there local health food store and ask the clerk in the herbal remedy section for assistance. These people usually have a wealth of knowledge and can steer you in the right direction.

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